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 If you're only starting your online art business, you probably have uncertainties and fears. That's normal. We've all doubted ourselves at some point. You're not alone.


 You need to adapt to the new mindset that you're not only an artist, but you're also a business person.


 We want to offer you a quick guide to thrive in the online business world as an artist entrepreneur.


Rocket fuel your online art business!


What will this eBook teach you?

  • Artistic skills alone aren't enough to guarantee financial success

    Don't just dream about... become the ultimate artist and entrepreneur we know you can be!

    For this, we need to upgrade your mindset and focus on a positive attitude towards business.

    Trust us, you can do it!

  • Find your specialty and style

    All of us have special skills that makes us different, but finding what you're really good at will determine your style and subsequently your business.

  • Find your niche

    So who are you going to sell your art? Teenagers? Adults? But what group of adults? New moms? Gamers? Athletes? 


    It is VERY important you know who is your target audience, that way you'll be able to communicate effectively with them and you'll be able to craft more amazing art knowing where to aim.

  • Develop your skills

    Now that you understand everything it takes to rocket your business, it's time to put it in practice.

    Is not about going outside with a sign that reads "buy my cool merch", it's actually about polishing your new set of skills and reaching new audiences and challenges.

  • Determine your pricing

    This part is a bit tricky, but it depends on you and what kind of art you're willing to sell, however don't get stuck in underselling your work. Sure we all start at a moderate range, but learning when to increase your profit is key.

  • How to Create Your Own eShop

    There are several platforms out there that offer multiple options to customize your online store. We will offer you some guidance to starting this process and where we believe it the best to begin.

  • Connect with Printhouse

    We'd love to have you in our big family, we offer tons of new possibilities for your business. No strings attached though, BUT we know you'd love us! <3

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Our big family of artists all around the world have already fueled their rockets to the moon and beyond! 

We are positive you can find all the cool stuffs you need to start your online business today.

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